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Liposuction Systems

The grease suction machine adopts high-speed oil-free vacuum pump.

The liposuction machine adopts electronic control and digital display, which retains the original technical characteristics of high vacuum and large pumping speed. It has novel appearance and simpler and faster control. The peristaltic pump liquid injection system and vacuum pump suction system are separated into one. Replaceable filters have been added. Peristaltic pump and vacuum pressure are all digital display and electronically controlled.

Features of liposuction machine:

Little damage, only broken adipose tissue.

Less bleeding can effectively avoid accidental injury to blood vessels and nerve tissues.

The operation time is short and the fat suction rate is high (the amount of pure fat sucked out per unit time). It is 1-2 times faster than negative pressure liposuction and shaped energy shock wave liposuction, and 1-3 times faster than electronic liposuction.

It is labor-saving and easy for doctors to operate.

More fat absorption can significantly improve the postoperative effect.

The liposuction tube of the liposuction machine does not generate heat, belongs to low-frequency vibration, and has no risk of tissue damage around the liposuction tube and deep tissue.

The postoperative recovery was fast, and the skin in the operation area had no obvious numbness.

There is no uneven skin after operation. The resonance liposuction tube can make the operation area and non operation area too gentle, and there will be no similar uneven skin after negative pressure liposuction.

It can accurately suck fat from all parts of the body.

Safety, less complications and no risk of skin necrosis.